Abstract art is a way to perceive the world. For me, art isn’t intended to be “about” anything but there is a curious balance in the fact that nevertheless, the very thing that inspired the work ends up reflected in the piece. When it comes to commissioned work, it’s a rewarding challenge and deeply personal honor when someone trusts me enough to create something important to them. Something in the work feels soul-fulfilling but curiously simultaneously a monumental mental task at hand. 

This particular piece was commissioned by a woman who had a family member graduating after earning her Ph.D. in fluid dynamics. In the simplest term, fluid dynamics is the sub-discipline of fluid mechanics that describes the flow of fluids—liquids and gases. By nature, watercolor painting parallels the principles of fluid dynamics in the blending of water and paint to form shapes that take on cloud-like or some like forms. These shapes offer a good reflection of fluid things that we can see in our world. 

Before I ever sit down to work on any commissioned piece, I ask A LOT of questions and do copious amounts of research. This time I wanted to incorporate the thesis that the intended recipient of the work had written in her Ph.D. program. I took charts from the study and recreated them as an abstract piece with other symbols from her work. I knew that my personal task was not to understand dynamics but instead was to look for things when I was researching to find out what beauty I could find and how can I create something beautiful in her eyes about the work that she does. I hit a jackpot. I found captivating images of a fluid dynamics practice that involves testing colored smoke. Innately, it reminded me of the way watercolor moves. 

My hope for this piece and any that I work on is that when the woman received this painting she could see what I was trying to do and the love and care that went into the creative process.


Some of my favorite pieces have been client commissions.

In part, I think because it’s such an exciting challenge (and truly an honor) to help translate someone else’s moment(s) into a work of art. Whether I’m working from a picture, a poem, a story, a song, or even a dream remembered.


While I hope you enjoy the paintings I’ve shown and shared with you here, I do understand that sometimes what you’re looking for is so personal, so unique that it can only come about through a commissioned work.

Commission clients may share photos or imagery with me from just about anywhere with a focus on nearly anything; from business data to a favorite pair of shoes. It honestly doesn't matter what it is. The impetus and the end-goal both belong to client. The commissioned painting isn’t about me, it’s about you. It’s not my conduit, it’s yours. I’m your actor, your translator, your talisman. Color and canvas are our prayers.

If you’d like to discuss working together on a commission piece, please contact me with your thoughts and ideas. Your request doesn’t have to be technical, you don’t have to ‘know anything’ about art to commission a piece.


Let’s create together the work of art you’ve been craving.

There may be a moment in your life you wish to commemorate. Perhaps you’d like a fresh interpretation of a treasured photograph. Or maybe to commission an abstract painting of a certain size with a certain mood.