Intention Setting Abstract Mini Deck 2022



Abstract Deck Course — January 2021

American abstract painter Mark Rothko believed that we should start fine art education with modernism because he believed all it took to make good art was emotional intensity. In that sense, to look at modern abstract art and say "a child could have done this" is to pay the artist the highest of compliments. 

Abstract art removes the need for a subject and focuses on the feelings the artist has while creating. When we look at good abstract art, we might feel pieces of emotion left by the artist on the canvas. For the most part, it's NOT about technique but about unlearning our social conditioning to return to our natural way of expressing ourselves

Our culture tends to make us forget that creation and analysis are fundamentally different cognitive processes. Our inner critic brings us away from the space our mind and heart need to be in to create beauty. But if we can re-center ourselves in that space of creation and learn to consciously and compassionately reach out to our analytical mind, we can transcend our inner critic. 

This is what intuitive abstract painting teaches us. 

This kind of process is available to everyone, and everyone can receive the benefits of letting their emotions express themselves in their natural form on the canvas. That’s why I occasionally take the time to teach this exact same process, the one that I developed through the years of working on my art.

Luz Donahue — Abstract Watercolor Artist  

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