21 Days of Mark Making prompts for Intuitive Abstract Painting

21 Days of Mark Making prompts for Intuitive Abstract Painting

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This workshop series is in active development. Participate in its development by submitting challenges you have or questions about MARK MAKING to luz@luzdonahue.com or the chat/contact form on this website. 

Pricing note: 

I am trying something a little radical with pricing as my mission is first to bring abstract intuitive painting practices to as many people as I can. 

The reason the presale is structured this way is to reward folks who have been following me for a while with a great deal on special content AND to continue to make abstract painting accessible. 

Please note value of this kind of course in most places would be around $250-450 minimum (this would equal $1 per 1-2 minutes of instruction time and additional resources) and I am offering a high-value workshop for a low fee to promote creativity within our community--- This is my full-time job and I can only provide this level of discount in course development phases and first iteration.  

About the workshop:

In this self-paced workshop, students will receive 21 daily email prompts for intuitive mark-making. 

Students receive 5-6 minute videos daily with clear prompts for mark-making exercises in various approaches AND a materials google sheet with recommendations.

This class is in development and is currently available at a limited pre-sale rate. The dates below are rough estimates on availability. The course details will be updated here as the class progresses.

Your questions and feedback are welcome. 

PRE-SALE RATE INFORMATION- Dates may be adjusted as I work on this (I'm only a team of one afterall)

February 20, 2022- February 22, 2022

Email subscribers and previous students who sign up now can receive this class for $5 at pre-sale. Must have been subscribed before 2/15/2022

February 25, 2022 - February 27, 2022

The workshop will be available for non-subscribers at $35 pre-sale (Use Code 21COHORT2 and for email subscribers at $20 . Must have been subscribed before 2/23/2022

February 28, 2022 - March 10, 2022

Workshop available for everyone at $50 presale for email subscribers and $75 for the general public. Must have been subscribed before 3/10/2022

April 1-5, 2022 FINAL PRESALE

The workshop goes live with daily email and video prompts for mark making. Available for immediate access (1 email per day). Students who purchase at this point will receive access to the next iteration of this coursework. $250